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Rules & Regulations


PLEASE, keep your stereos turned down or off, until you have reached your parking destination within the event.  We have several vendors that will be trying to conduct business and do not want to disturb them.


You will not be asked twice to turn it down when in line or in show area. There are also many kids at this event so set a good example.


We want to set a prime example for our industries future! 

NO GLASS containers are allowed.

NO dragging, no burnouts, no power brakes or any other reckless stunts or ideas.

4 wheelers, golf carts, ATV's are allowed at an additional fee.

Please, do not tear up the facility or the grounds with them.

No grills or open flames are permitted during the show. Campers have different rules to go by.

No nudity!!!

This is a family friendly event.

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